Habit Tracker & Micro-Journal for Humans ❤️

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ManyHats focuses on why we want to develop habits in the first place (to become someone).

Combined with micro journalling, it creates a consistent story of your becoming.

Multiple Persona Support

A parent, an artist, a healthy person, a happy person, an entrepreneur, a friend.

We all wear many hats.

It’s all mixed and mashed. We designed our app with multiple persona support at its core.

Become the best version of yourself.

We crafted the ManyHats app with exceptional care for simplicity so that you can focus on becoming.

We’ve worked hard, invested in an innovative design to make the experience self-explanatory for us, humans :-)

Micro-Journal with Photos

A simple place to store your thoughts and memories. Review quickly as a feed of notes, habits, to-dos & photos.

To-do Lists

Be it a bucket list or a grocery list. We all have things to do. ManyHats gives you easily accessible to-do lists per persona.

Customizable Habits

Only Monday and Friday, Daily, Weekly, Monthly - we all do things a bit differently. We’ve got you covered.

Mood Tracker

Our days consist of various emotions. You can track many different pre-defined emotions per persona per day.

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